Bookmark Your Process

Take the time to bookmark EVERYTHING when you use Bum Marketing. Links, templates, checklists, etc. Don’t waste time trying to locate a link, or hope that it is still in your browser memory.

Set up your Favorites Folder in your browser. Include your links to your affiliate markets, online research tools, article directories, classified add directories, etc. Link them directly to the login page, not just the home page. Set them up numerically so you can work through them step, by step.
Shortcuts folder on your desktop leading to your tools. This will keep you from getting lost in your software options and keep you using only what you need. Place a shortcut to EVERY tool you use on the folder.
Website Templates. Lay a “beginning” site out and use it each time to rapidly make changes.
Checklists. Step-by-step processes for each BM element. An article writing example is for you below. The reason for a checklist is it keeps you focused and on track.

All of this little things are HUGE time savers. Even though you know your process, sometimes it is difficult to remember what step you are in.

Here is the way I set mine up…

My Favorites Folder:

I am able to move through the necessary links in my system quickly. They are arranged in order so I click and go.

In addition to the basic BM links I also have my possibilities links. These are community sites, forums, and pages I have noticed ranking high in my keyword areas. Then there are my profit links, which let me login to PayPal, Clickbank, etc to check the daily gross receipts.

My Shortcuts:
Anything you need for research & development should be in a shortcut folder for easy access. I went from “searching” for which tool I was looking for in my programs menu…

To this…

Only the software I use for BM is in this shortcut folder.

The easiest way to do this for those who may not be familiar is to:

Create a folder on your desktop or and label it something like “BUM Shortcuts.”
Click start and enter your programs area.
Click and drag the tool you want into your BUM folder on your desktop.

My Templates:

Yes, I’m still using FrontPage! I use simple layouts so this works. However, the results I’m getting from XSitePro are doing well, so I may make the complete switch for my marketing sites.

The template for each new site is already laid out. All I have to do is add info and change key words. XSitePro makes it easy to generate keyword related pages without them leaving the footprint of a page-gen software.

With each new site I just copy and paste the template into a new folder. I rename it to the keyword theme of the site.

MY Checklist:

Here’s my article writing checklist…

Keyword title that grabs attention.
List the 3-5 points or acrostic of importance.
Two paragraphs per point
250-350 words total
Linked keyword from within the article
Linked from resource Box

Make your OWN checklists that work for you. I absolutely LOVE Jimmy D. Brown’s checklists that he creates for List and Traffic. Yep, it’s an aff. Link.

That same type of checklist development makes your repeated effort move smoother.