I will tell all of you guys out there something that will save you from a lot of frustration and silly arguments with your wife or girlfriend. Go ahead and get the satellite! I really don’t think that I ask too much out of my wife. I go to work, pay the bills, and all I really want to do on Sunday’s is watch football with the guys. My wife has a knack for coming in to the den the moment a big play happens and demanding my undivided attention (usually to ask what I think of an outfit or something like that). The decision cannot be delayed until the end of a play, and she used to call me selfish and tell me that I didn’t care about her when I would ask her to wait one minute for the play to end. However, now all I have to do is simply push the ‘pause’ button, and I can happily give her my undivided attention and then return to the game without missing a thing! You should go to: Direc.tv/ so that you can do this, too! I’m telling you guys—it’s really a relationship “game changer!”