What Buyers Are Looking For

Quite simply, if you provide something that website buyers are looking for your site is going to sell quickly for big bucks. Some of the things that buyers are looking for may only take a few minutes to include and some cost a few dollars to implement but these little changes will make a big effect on your final sale price.

Images and graphics – I have got to tell you that I’m not a designer – I don’t even have Photoshop on my PC. I use the standard Microsoft Paint tool as embarrassing as it is to say.

But graphics can make a considerable change to the value of a website. When I’m building a site that I don’t plan selling I try avoid using templates with graphics because I know very simple HTML sites without graphics do very well. But buyers are looking for something different, they are often looking for a site which is pleasing to the eye no some simple content site.

Buyers love little images next to the articles like this to make the pages look a little bit more professional and clean looking. I bought some open source images from…


They cost me $5. I then spent 5 minutes adding the images to the site and uploaded everything and now the site looks 100% better than it did before. It makes it look like there is a lot more content on the site as well which is a great little bonus.

I think this little change added $50 to the value of this site. 10 times my investment of $5 for the images. Not bad is it? These are small changes which bring in big results.

Content, Content, Content – Yep, it was obvious that I was going to talk about content wasn’t it? Without content your sites are worthless. If your not willing to spend a small amount of time or money investing in unique content then I want you to cancel your membership here right now, your wasting both mine and your time.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years you will know that unique content is valuable. Without it your not going to get much money for your site unless it’s making big bucks every single month. The more unique content you have on your site the more money your going to make.

I’m writing this now while listening in on a webinar that JD Swanson and Brian McElroy are doing on instant cash. A moment ago JD said that he has a formula which he uses in his business… I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing with you.

Unique content + a little revenue = BIG Profits

The man is a genius, I couldn’t have said it better myself! That brings me on to my next point which is revenue.

Revenue – This is not as important as you might think. But if your going to take your site selling to the next level it’s certainly something that you need to think about. Now, over 70% of the sites that I sell are making less than a $1 a day so revenue certainly isn’t essential.

However, if your site is making revenue, even just a few cents a day you will instantly increase the value of your site.

Typically people say that 10-15 times monthly revenue is standard. I like to get more than that for my sites because they are the best. I know exactly what site buyers want and provide them with that. People are willing to pay extra for something that fits there needs. I like to get 2 years revenue and sometimes much more if the site is new.

Search Engine Friendly – Site buyers are a pretty cleaver bunch of people, lots of them know what the search engines like and don’t like. Make your sites as search engine friendly as possible. Just keep things basic, unique content will provide the basis of the whole process, include keywords in your title tag and H1 tag, try and buy a keyword domain, use alt tags in your images. Google and Yahoo in particular like this kind of content.

If you think I’m talking a different language you should checkout the SEOMoz SEO guide which you can get for free of charge on there website.


I don’t recommend you mess around to much learning about the latest search engine changes and algorithms (is that how you spell that?) because that isn’t really going to take advantage of all of your time. Learn the basics and use them.

– You would be surprised how many times I get asked support questions about the websites I sell. Often people who are technical minded worry that they will buy a site and not be able to set it up and make changes.

In your sales listing or wherever you decide to sell your site tell your buyers that you will provide basic support and help them transfer the site over to there own server. People will pay extra for a site because they know that you will be there to help them unlike seller X who sells a site and doesn’t help his customers.

If they ask you for support help them in anyway you can. Maybe even write a short report on how people can transfer sites to there own sever including links to pages and sites that will give them more advice than you can provide. Most people won’t need any help or support at all but the ones that do you should spend some time helping and over delivering.

That’s everything that I do to give buyers what they want. It’s so simple but incredibly effective. You can try test this, try and sell a site that has a small amount of PLR content against one that has lots of unique content, nice graphics, is pretty search engine friendly, has a little revenue and is backed by your own customer support. You will be very surprised by the results.