MySpace Marketing

Myspace is the most visited site on the internet. This gives its member profiles a very powerful tool. The first place you must post your links is on your own profile. I use the “About Me” box to talk about my products a little, but focus on
talking about you. The SEO benefit won’t change if you become a spammer.
You can use their search function to find others that deal with your niche and comment on their profiles. Make sure that the member profile you’re posting on allows html, or you’ll look like an idiot.
Myspace groups are a great place to post your links, as well. Respond to posts related to what you know, with good information and you’ll get traffic from it too.
There are many other social networks, but my favorite is Stumbleupon. Following the same tactics above will work great for Stumbleupon. Your profile page can contain links to your website. There are groups as well. Stumbleupon lets you drive targeted traffic to your websites by submitting them to a category and allowing other “Stumblers” to wander through to your page.
MyBlogLog is becoming one of the most used blogging tools online. Most major internet marketers are using it on their blog. Their widget actually shows pictures of who has been reading your blog. Again, this site consists of the same
types of interaction as Myspace. There are communities and your own profile page. This gives you the ability to gain great exposure for your blog.