10 Sites You Should Visit

1. ePrompter
ePrompter will check up to 16 of your password protected email accounts automatically as well as reply to, compose and even forward messages. Depending how many accounts you have, and how often you check them, this little tool could easily save you hours a day.

2. Vista Print
A lot of people already know about this site, but it's certainly worth mentioning again, just in case. I don't know how they can afford to do it, but Vista Print will give you 250 free, color business cards.

3. Click Tracker
This web site offers a free link and click tracking services, and even the pro version is ridiculously cheap. I especially like the fact that their software allows you to have your own domain in tracking URLs instead of the link tracker's URL.

4. PageSucker.com
This product will "suck" an entire webpage on to your hard drive so you can read it off-line. It's great for people who use dial-up connections, and best of all it's totally free.

5. RefDesk.com
This site will help you find anything from people, to your local weather, to just about any other random fact that you could find the answer to anywhere else. Check it out if you need to do some product research.

6. FILExt
How many times have you downloaded something only to have your computer tell you that it didn't recognize the file type? You then try to open it using the "Open As" feature, but even you don't know what the file extension stands for. That's where a site like FILExt comes in hand. FILExt has just about every software extension listed so you can easily do a search on your "mystery file".

7. MailWasher
Block spam for ever.

8. Ezine Ad Auction
Ezine advertising is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to get the word out about a product or service. This site allows you to bid for ultra-cheap ad rates in a wide assortment of newsletters.

9. Site Viewer
Sites created for one browser type can very often look horrible when viewed through other browsers. This site allows you to avoid such embarrassment by "viewing your own site as your visitors do." I'd make it a point of testing out your website using this tool before launching any new sites.

10. WebAssist
Give your ecommerce site PayPal functionality without having to touch a line of code. PayPal is one of the most popular payment processors online so by including them as a method of payment could very well increase your sales in and of itself.