Video Marketing

The A to Z of using short promotional videos as the spearhead of a wider but basic (manageable) Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Is your sales funnel in place?
Are you clear what the purpose/goal of the campaign is?
Have you got the whole campaign planned?
How many videos will there be in the series or is it a one off promotion?

Setting Up a Basic Campaign

There are thousands of sites that you can target for your marketing campaigns. Select a few to start with and concentrate on them - add more later.

Any plan worth its salt has to be manageable.

The value of your own hosted blog

Quality content will attract comments and start conversations with your readership.

You can present all your content be it text, images or videos in one place to pass your traffic onto your offers.

In a short time you can create the essential element of "trust". The one ingredient that will dictate the success or failure of your Internet business.

Thoughts on Social Media Profiles

Be very careful how you present yourself on social networks. Before you start, visit as many sites as possible and look to see how other marketers are presenting themselves. There are basically three strategies:

1. Your main profile

Use your own name for your main area of expertise

Use your best content

Keep active - update frequently with text, audio or videos

Use comments, forums etc to boost exposure

2. Subprofiles

Noms de plumes

Perfectly legitimate way to make friends/contacts in other important areas of your strategies. Authors have used this method for ever.

Just update regularly

3. Throwaways

For quick promotions of, for example, affiliate products on the Blog and Social Network platforms.

Example Promotion - Prepare:


Banner ad for the product

One post - 500 words

One or two anchor text links to a squidoo lens or xanga page

Once the promo is finished - forget and just bank the commission cheques

How To Leverage Your Campaign Using The Social Media Networks

  • Video Sharing Sites
  • Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Blog and RSS Directories
  • Social Networking Sites
If you have the content

Photo Sharing Sites
Podcast and Videocast Directories

Strategic Tips

Find where your potential customers are
Spend some time in the Forums and Groups
Put your content in front of them
Leave comments
Be original, controversial and humorous to raise your profile
Get as much quality content on as many platforms as possible
Use submission software to increase distribution and save time