Domain and Hosting

One of the most important things you must do is choose a domain. It’s the name of your site so it has to be important. Something relatively short and that people can remember is vital. I’ve had the most success choosing a domain name which matches the niche my site will be about. For example, if I decided I wanted to make a website about cell phone chargers – I’d try and create a domain name which includes the main keywords external hard drives or something of the sort.

You don’t always have to do it this way, and you can still become the authority in your niche. I’ve seen it happen too many times and I’m sure you have too. But I’m going by my personal experiences.

Finding Hosting
I can’t stress the importance of having a reliable host. See it this way, how are you going to eat, if there is no food? How are you going to make money, if your sites are down constantly? A reliable host is definitely a very important aspect when it comes to making money online. If one of my sites go down I lose anywhere from $20-$50 that day. It adds up quickly.

Once you’ve gotten a domain, you need to find a reliable host. Niche blogging can become an addiction after awhile so find a company that let you host unlimited sites.